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Bespoke TRiM Training with our DNA TRiM Sector Experts

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DNA Sector Specific Courses

Our experts have carefully developed a range of sector specific courses around generic content.

Each sector specific course has been carefully developed with experts from that sector, each of whome have decades of sector specific experience to draw from.

Each course has DNA TRiM Training exclusive content and sector specific learning scenarios (supported by exclusive input from reputable individuals from within the sector).

Each course has sector specific expert facilitators, able to both ensure learning and relevence for the course delegates.

In adiition our sector specific courses assist organisations in indentifying, developing and the signposting of approriate resilience focused resources.

Police Motorcycles
Nurse in Scrubs

DNA TRiM Sector Specific

Currently DNA TRiM deliver and support Sector Specific TRiM to the following sectors:

  • Medical - under our MedTRiM brand, for medical professionals and those personnel working within the medical profession - More Information
  • Police - under our PolTRiM brand, for police forces and those working within the policing profession - More Information
  • Fire and Rescue - under our FireTRiM brand, for fire and rescue services working in the fire and rescue profession - More Information

DNA TRiM are delivering sector specific TRiM on a global scale and a number of other sectors are currently in development with the approriate sector experts and DNA TRiM personnel. For more sector specific information click on the links below.

Nurse in Scrubs

Sector Specific Applications

Click on an Application below for more information on the sector specific TRiM and course information.