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Emergency Response

DNA TRiM Provides an Emergency Response TRiM Team in the Support of Organisations.

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DNA TRiM - Emergency Response

DNA TRiM provides an emergency response TRiM team in the support of organisations. Our emergency response TRiM personnel are arguably some of the most experienced TRiM practitioners and team leaders anywhere in the world who have routinely worked globally and across different sectors.

They include individuals who have been trough UK Security Vetting, including Developed Vetting (the highest level) and they include both male and female personnel.

They have experience working with multi-agency government, military and emergency services, are Hostage & Crises Negotiator Trained and have been involved in supporting individuals and organisations following many high profile incidents and events.

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Military Consultation

Unfortunately, some emergency, military, government and private sector services find themselves in situations where their internal TRiM capability is stretched.

Other organisations need to respond and support their people as a result of situations they would hope to have never found themselves in, or perhaps could never have foreseen that they would be in.

Our TRiM Emergency Response Team can be deployed to lead, manage or support an organisation and its people following exposure to significant and potentially traumatic incidents.

Information regarding our specific expertise and experience can be made available on request.