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What is TRiM?

Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) is a proactive, peer delivered, cognitively based human resource management initiative for supporting individuals following exposure to traumatic events. Its purpose is the early identification of the symptoms of stress. TRiM is not a treatment for stress, however, processing and talking about the event has a therapeutic advantage.

Research findings clearly suggest that post traumatic illnesses cannot be prevented, but can be successfully managed if identified at an early stage. In 2005, The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), the UK national body which scrutinises all forms of health interventions, published management guidelines which strongly advocated early intervention for those who become unwell after potentially traumatic incidents.

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The Case For Investment in DNA TRiM

There are many detailed reports offering insight into the high cost to organisations of failing to address and support mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Employers can offer a range of programmes and activities to support individuals' personal circumstances, enabling them to take the best course of action for their mental health.

These supporting activities include awareness-raising and promoting a positive and open organisational culture around mental health, preventative activities to support individuals to cope in difficult circumstances, and through reactive support. Our TRiM programmes address all such activities.

Wellbeing at Work
Return on Investment

A reliable, systematic review of the available literature by Monitor Deloitte (October 2017) shows the return on investment of workplace mental health intervention on every £ spent is overwhelmingly positive:

  • 5:1 return on reactive interventions
  • 6:1 return for proactive interventions during periods of poor mental health
  • 8:1 return on early stage activities such as mental health de-stigmatisation, campaigns, mandatory training on wellbeing and activities to support employee resilience organisation wide/cultural programmes

Whilst many employers offer reactive support, providing support at earlier, preventative stages of the employee journey may deliver a better than average return on investment. This means that organisation-wide, preventative activities, which improve employee resilience can achieve a higher return on investment than reactive, individual-focused activities. Examples of good practice in Germany, Canada and Australia suggest that providing a common framework around mental health interventions and engaging with key stakeholders can empower employers to implement the most helpful interventions for their workforce.

Return on Investment

DNA TRiM provides a methodology for all of the above.

Our Services

Bespoke TRiM Training

We scope and deliver small, medium and large scale in-house, organisation wide TRiM capability. We run organisation wide in house training, developing an internal TRiM capability through TRiM Practitioners and TRiM Co-ordinators/team leaders. We design and deliver specific, sector specific learning activities.

Emergency Response

DNA TRiM provides and emergency response TRiM team in the support of organisations. Our emergency response TRiM personnel are arguably some of the most experienced TRiM practitioners and team leaders anywhere in the world who have routinely worked globally and across different sectors.

Post Course Support

DNA TRiM offers post course support via our 'TRiM in Action Good Practice' events and our quality assurance (QA) visits. We also advise organisations on the ongoing care of the TRiM team. We believe in informed, evidence based Practice. We work with a range of organisations to research the impact of all of our work.

Mobile Applications

DNA TRiM offers a range of TRiM Apps to support DNA TRiM trained personnel. These provide all materials and resources required by DNA TRiM Practitioners and Team Leaders, and tools to help with the effective management of an organistion's TRiM capability. These currently include our MedTRiM, PolTRiM, FireTRiM and LawTRiM Apps. Contact DNA TRiM for the development of a sector specific TRiM App.

Strategic Level Planning

The emphasis of DNA TRiM training is not about the medical management of stress or critical incident stress debriefing. It is a system of common sense post-incident procedures carried out by individuals tasked to provide a peer support strategy to manage those exposed to traumatic events. (view more)(view less)

It is about providing support in the planning and implementation of all aspects of a post-incident management strategy; of supporting and advising organisational leaders/managers on the basis of proper psychological risk assessments; of knowing when and where to refer those who are at risk of developing psychological problems; and it is about understanding the failings of previous models of traumatic stress management. DNA TRiM supports organisations with the required development of strategic level planning.

Organisational Planning

The management plan should contain realistic written procedures and protocols that can be activated quickly and efficiently, dovetailing with operational procedures. These should be activated when an incident occurs and include a plan for on site management that addresses strategies relating managing stress reactions and reducing exposure, through to additional strategies that address specific and highly distressing tasks (e.g. dealing with human remains). DNA TRiM supports organisations who have their own specific organisational planning needs.

Sector Specific Applications

Click on an Application below for more information on the sector specific TRiM and course information.

Recent News

New TRiM Practitioner and TRiM Manager Accreditations
New TRiM Practitioner and TRiM Manager Accreditations

 23 Aug 2022 by DNA Course Administrator

Our TRiM courses are now accredited on the Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales (CQFW), on the Quality Assured Lifelong Learning Pillar of the framework (QALL). (view more)(view less)

This means that they are fully accredited units which have a level and which carry credits which are equivalent to those on the regulated qualifications frameworks in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and they are fully recognised and understood across Europe because they articulate with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and to the frameworks of other countries, making them internationally recognised.

We have worked with Agored Cymru, the Welsh Awarding Body to gain this accreditation, and as a result of their inclusion in the CQFW, they meet regulatory requirements, are aligned to the respective frameworks and meet national education priorities.

TRiM Practitioners Course - Level 3 Award with 2 learning credits (approximately A level standard learning)

TRiM Managers Course - Level 5 Award with 4 learning credits (degree standard learning)

Qualification providers can use QALL credits for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and where appropriate for direct credit transfer i.e. transfer of that credit within and between education providers."

MedTRiM courses now available online
MedTRiM courses now available online

 01 Sep 2020 by DNA Course Administrator

Delivering under the COVID restrictions has meant that we have developed extensive additional resources for virtual delivery. In July 2020, our virtual training was recognised for the quality of its teaching and learning materials by being one of 5 finalists, out of 140 submissions, in the Welsh Government COVID-19 Digital Solutions Competition.